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Katalogue (CD)

Format: CD

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Kashmir takes a look at their career, after 20 years, 6 albums and a lots of ep's, a career which have been characterized by a constant artistic development. It is celebrated with the release of Katalogue, which is out 11.11.11 and contains 12 key tracks selected by the band.

The journey starts with new and never before published track "Electrified Love". It takes the listener all the way back to DM I Rock ´93, where a live-recording has been waiting to be heard.

It is exactly 20 years since Kasper Eistrup, Mads Tunebjerg and Asger Techau formed a band at Kastanievej Efterskole at Frederiksberg. A band which eventually got Swedish Henrik Lindstran on board and on the way became one of the greatest and most trendsetting Danish rock bands ever.

Now Kashmir makes a preliminary inventory over two decades where they endlessly have straddled the fence to new musical areas and every time they have lured the crowd with them. For 11.11.11 the anniversary will be celebrated with Katalogue, which collects 32 tracks from the band's musical career. From the first records surprisingly playfulness, to the latest year's solid intensity. And in typically Kashmir-fashion the band members have been deeply involved in the process.

This way the band leaves room for songs which doesn't belong on any of the 6 studio albums - for example "Splittet til atomer", the goodnight song from Det Elektriske Barometer and the until now unpublished track "Electrified Love", which was written up to the release of Trespassers.


CD 1
1 Electrified Love
2 Still Boy
3 Mouthful Of Wasps
4 Bewildered In The City
5 Pursuit Of Misery
6 Break Of The Avalanche
7 Splittet Til Atomer
8 The Cynic
9 Kalifornia
10 The Curse Of Being A Girl
11 She's Made Of Chalk
12 Supergirl
13 Rocket Brothers
14 The Aftermath
15 Cellophane

CD 2
1 Surfing The Warm Industry
2 In The Sand
3 Evermore
4 Graceland
5 Make It Grand
6 Miss You
7 Mom In Love, Daddy In Space
8 Lampshade
9 Little & The Vaste
10 Vote 4 Dick Taid
11 Bring Back Superman
12 Gloom
13 Leather Crane
14 Rose
15 The Story Of Jamie Fame Flame
16 Art Of Me
17 Child Of A Distant Cult (Live fra DM I Rock, Montmartre ´93)


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